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Saudi Aramco Net Worth

Saudi Aramco Net Worth
Country: Saudi Arabia
Founded Year: 1933
Net Worth: $2 T
Market Cap: $1.933 T
Business Type: Petroleum & Gas

It’s been more than 90 years since Saudi Aramco company was established. Saudi Aramco earlier was known as Arabian-American Oil Company is the state-owned petroleum company. If we talk about the revenue, Saudi Aramco is the 2nd largest in the world. Talking about Saudi Aramco Net Worth today, then it is estimated to be around $2 Trillion.

Saudi Aramco Net Worth

As mentioned earlier, Saudi Aramco net worth is around 2 Trillion which makes ranks it in the top 10 position. That’s not it, the company hold around $102.67 B cash in hand. As per last year report the company made $495.35 Billion making it the 2nd highest revenue making companies in the world.

Last 5-year revenue

Let us have a look at the revenue made by Saudi Aramco in the last 5 years. There was a clear drop in the year 2020 and that was all due to COVID. Later in 2021, when COVID was slightly under control, Saudi Aramco made a 70% more revenue as compared to 2020 and in 2022 made 50% more revenue as compared to 2021.

Year Revenue Change
2023 $495.34 B -18.01%
2022 $604.17 B 50.76%
2021 $400.74 B 74.26%
2020 $229.97 B -30.72%
2019 $331.95 B

The year 2023, was not that great as compared to 2022, but the number are yet to be updated. As per the last updated received on September, Saudi Aramco made $495 in revenue and yet 18% behind 2022.

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