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CleverTap review

Founded Year: 2013

Parent Company: WizRocket, Inc

Headquarter: Mountain View, California

Starting price: Rs 6000

CleverTap Review

(1 customer review)

Starting At: Rs 6000


Marktech platforms have evolved a lot. It is now more focused on user engagement where the platform helps reduce human efforts to help you increase Repeat business and better customer acquisition. One such tool is CleverTap. Clever is one of the popular Customer engagement platforms that helps you to automate your user journey to optimize your sales and user journey funnel. We have been using this platform for a while now and here we will be discussing it in detail. In this CleverTap review, if you have anything to ask, don’t hesitate to add in the comment below. If you are an active user of CleverTap and want to share the review feel free to add.

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CleverTap Product Demo Video

Key Features

  1. User Segmentation: CleverTap allows businesses to create highly targeted user segments based on various criteria, such as behavior, demographics, location, and more.
  2. Multichannel Messaging: Engage users through a variety of channels, including push notifications, in-app messages, email, SMS, and web push notifications.
  3. Personalization: Deliver personalized content and messages to users based on their preferences, behavior, and historical interactions with the app.
  4. Automation: Set up automated campaigns and workflows to send targeted messages at the right time, such as onboarding sequences, re-engagement campaigns, and more.
  5. Analytics and Insights: Gain insights into user behavior, campaign performance, and app usage through CleverTap’s analytics dashboard.
  6. A/B Testing: Conduct A/B testing to optimize campaigns and understand which messages or creatives resonate best with your audience.
  7. Journey Builder: Visualize and optimize the entire user journey with CleverTap’s Journey Builder, allowing businesses to create and optimize user experiences at every touchpoint.
  8. Retention Analysis: Understand and improve user retention with detailed analytics on user churn and engagement over time.

Pros & Cons


  1. Comprehensive Analytics: Users often appreciate platforms that offer in-depth analytics, helping businesses understand user behavior, engagement, and other relevant metrics.
  2. Automation and Personalization: Platforms that allow for automation of marketing campaigns and personalization of content can be highly valued for their ability to enhance user engagement.
  3. Multi-Channel Support: Users may find value in platforms that support multiple communication channels, such as push notifications, email, in-app messages, and more.
  4. Ease of Use: Intuitive interfaces and user-friendly features are often praised, particularly for teams that may not have extensive technical expertise.
  5. Customer Support: Responsive and effective customer support is crucial for users encountering issues or needing assistance with the platform.


  1. Pricing: Some users may express concerns about the cost of using these platforms, especially if they find the pricing structure complex or if it doesn’t align with their budget.
  2. Integration Challenges: Integration with existing systems and data sources can sometimes be a challenge, and users may encounter difficulties in this area.
  3. Learning Curve: Platforms with a steep learning curve may receive negative feedback, especially from users who are new to mobile marketing tools.
  4. Limited Customization: Users may express dissatisfaction if they feel that the platform lacks certain customization options or does not meet specific business requirements.
  5. Performance Issues: Any issues related to the platform’s speed, reliability, or downtime can negatively impact user satisfaction.

Price Detail

Unique Selling Points (USP):

    1. Omnichannel Engagement: CleverTap’s strength lies in its ability to offer a unified solution for engaging users across multiple channels, providing a seamless and consistent experience.

    1. AI-powered Personalization: The platform leverages AI and machine learning to enable businesses to deliver highly personalized and relevant messages to each user.

    1. User Lifecycle Management: CleverTap focuses on the entire user lifecycle, from acquisition to retention, helping businesses build long-term relationships with their users.


CleverTap typically offers a variety of pricing plans tailored to the needs and scale of different businesses. The pricing may include factors such as the number of monthly active users (MAUs), the volume of messages sent, and the features required. For specific and up-to-date pricing details, it’s recommended to visit CleverTap’s official website or contact their sales team directly.

Please note that product features, pricing, and other details may evolve over time, so it’s advisable to check CleverTap’s official website or contact their support for the most accurate and current information.