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List Your Business & Find Genuine Buyers

Share your business details with us and we will help you find the genuine buyers who understands your business. Get the right price for your business. 

Sell Business Online

Every Listing Is Evaluated

We have genuine buyers/investor who will buy a business only if they see clear documentation. Hence, before listing any business we make sure that the the buyer/investor get all necessary documents and details needed before they make a bid. 

Step 1 to list business in AboveCEO


Step 1 is to sign-up with us as a seller. 

After Signing -up with us you agree to the terms that you allows us to send your company details with potential buyers/investors. 

Submit Documents

Step 2 is to submit all your documents and finance 

To list your business in AboeCEO, you will have to share all necessary documents, eg: P&L, Balance Sheet, Database and more. Clear documents will increase your chase to get genuine buyers. 

Step 2: Submit documents to register your business
Step 3 Add Listing Charges

Payment Process

Step 3 is to go through the payment process. 

Once you have shared all the documents, then you will have to go through a minimum charge of $10 for listing your business. The payment process is to ensure we have genuine sellers. 

Get Reviewed & Listed

Step 4  list your business & we’ll look for buyers

Once you have gone through the above process, our experts review your documents and business and list it. Post listing you will get connected to buyers interested in your business. 

Final process is to list our business t olook for buyers

Sign-Up and start selling your business with growing marketplace for buyers and sellers.

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