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Send App Push Notification Through CleverTap

How to Send App Push Notification Through Clevertap

In this article we will teach how to send Push Notification campaign through CleverTap, Push notifications are pop-up messages sent to mobile device by a app. CleverTap helps to run such campaigns smoothly and target as per user behavior. By following below simple steps you can reach out to the users through Push Notification.

Steps To send App Push notification through CleverTap

Move your cursor to the Left side, you can find different features you can use in CleverTap, Select Campaign option it will take you to the campaign page where you can see your previous campaign details.

Click on campaign icon to Create campaign

We have Mobile Push, Mobile In-App, App Inbox and many more features, For now we will go with Mobile Push. 

Send Push notification campaign on Clevertap step 1

Step 1 – Setup of user behavior

Select the user you want to target like if you want to send to the PN to a user  who has done booking before 30 days then you can select past behavior. Set up your conversion tracking like order placed or delivered.

Send Push notification campaign on cleverTap step 2

Select the user behavior whom you want to send this campaign, For now i am selecting All Users as i will be executing one time PN campaign. You can see the estimated reach.

Step 2 – Setup message template

Select what kind of message you will be sending like a single message or if you can try various content and promotion to check which works better using A/B testing.

Let’s proceed further by selecting Single Message.

Send Push notification campaign on cleverTap step 3

Once you have done with the setup, Add you PN Title and Message. CleverTap has given the option to add emoji and subtitles for your PN. Once added Content and then go for Advance setting for PN redirection setup.

CleverTap has provided IOS and Android setup

  • For Android,
  1. Add your Notification ID, Badge icon, Badge Id and App Icon and your PN delivery time
  2. Rich Media:- You have a media upload option wherein you can add a single image or carousel image for PN. You can enter an image URL or upload from your folder.
  3. Sound File:- You have an add sound file which is included in your app bundle.
  4. You can add a badge and category to your App.
  5. For Android you have the option to add your CTA button Like Book Now or Call Now and add your redirection URL for the CTA. or else you just add the deep link URL for redirection of your PN.
CleverTap has provided Android setup
  •  For IOS,

The setup for IOS is almost the same as Android just there is no option of Notification Id selection and adding CTA button option.

CleverTap has provided IOS setup

Step 3 – It’s time to do PN testing

You can also personalize your PN Preview and test your PN in different mobile to check your campaign works properly.

Send Push notification campaign on clevertap step final step

Step 4 -Schedule or Send App Push Notification

CleverTap has given the option to Schedule your PN or can also execute the PN at the same time.

Now your campaign is all set for execution just click on Publish Campaign and send your notification. By following the above steps you can successfully send App Push Notification through CleverTap to your users. If you still find any difficulties or have any doubts regarding App Push notification campaign do let us know in the comment below

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