A Bridge To
Your Successful Entrepreneur Story

Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship never dies and AboveCEO is the bridge that makes it possible to fulfil your Entrepreneur dream into reality. By Registering with us, you can start building your idea with a team we help find and build you with no or less cost involved.

We Support Ideas And Help Them Connect To Like Minded People
It's Possible

AboveCEO is a mission to support businesses and ideas face issues while executing. We help them by connecting with like minded people and experts who can help them boost their busines either as a partner or as an expert.

Unlike early days now making an successful business have become easier. With our experties & algorithm, we help you find a team your are looking for without disclosing your identity. Everything is confidential, until you have signed an agreement with them. We make business secure, reliable and trustable.

Chiranjeevi Bhattarai
Man Behind Above CEO

Building a team you will trust is not easily acheved. It take years to find a team of experts who not just help you build business, but also add value on growing the business.

Hence, I introduce Above CEO as the platform to help people to find people matching their interest and vision. The team we build in AboveCEO take up their role as partners and make it easy for everyone to achieve their dreams.

Every Idea Is a Big Idea With Dicipline
Who Can Join Above CEO?

There are several ideas in the world & be plan to be a part of every successful idea that will be talked about in the future. Hence we belive in these ideas and make them meet with experts. So, anyone with a business plan/idea can join AboveCEO 

A Visionary

Everyone who comes with a vision to be the change are always welcome at AboveCEO.

A Believer

For those who invest in new ideas are always welcome to invest in AboveCEO's listed startup.

Believing, Building, & Upgrading is a part of Business.

We ant to be the part of that story