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About Us

Know us better | Know our values

AboveCEO Online Consulting LLP is a global consulting firm where we consult  the start-ups and leaders to help them get over all business challenges by connecting to the right resources and get instant results on the problems. We values idea. Idea that will bring change to the society. To support the idea, AboveCEO plays an important role where we work as your backbone to build and streamline processes to provide you with an end to end solution for a successful business. 

Our Values & Approach

Our core value is what makes us different from others. We believe in growing with others. We work on a very different, but a fruitful ROI Driven approach. With this, we ensure that your business in good hands. 

In todays world most of the businesses fails due to working with wrong an agency or to be specific an expensive agency. 

With our ROI Driven approach and a minimal retainer fee, it becomes our duty make your business a profitable one. We work on 10% of your business profits made by us.  So now, it is our duty to grow with you. 

AboveCEO Values & Working Style

Unlock the potential in your business

Every business has its own potential. All you need to do is understand it at the right time. Well, we are experts in identifying the potential of any business. To understand what suits you/what will make you grow, we look at the below 5 pillars. 

  • Low hanging fruits: It is important for any business to first focus on things that are easily achievable with less spends & better ROI.
  • User Journey: To understand a business, it is really important to first understand their users and his behaviour. 
  • Automation: In today’s world you need to have things automated to help your business do more work in less time. 
  • Repeat customers: No matter new or old business, it is important for every business to understand what their customer needs. Depending on that improve on repeat journey of your customer. 
  • Grow you to grow us: With our ROI driven approach, it become really important for us to grow you so that we can grow with 10% on the profit given by us.