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AboveCEO is a modern way to bring talented likeminded people with a vision to bring change in the Industry. We makes it easy for every young entrepreneurers to make their idea possible by registering with us.

Meet thousands of experts to help your business by contributing their experties and make sure to plan and execute a successful business story.

Thinking Is Just A Waste Of Time
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It is really important for us to know what your Plan is. Therefore, you will have to sign up with our One Time Plan so that we ensure we have genuines and serious entrepreneurs joining AboveCEO.

Build Your Team

Once your idea is submitted, we start building a team for you. Once the team is evaluated with mitual agreement, you are good to go with a strong team to build your business empire.

Start Making Money

Once your plan is approved, and you have your team ready all you have to do is, focus on making money with your business. If you still have more business ideas, we are always there to help you.

Sign Up With Above CEO As Entrepreneur, Expert, or Investor

Every business need three important things that is an visionary Entrepreneur supported by an Experts and backed with an Investor. We bring to you everything you need to start a successful business idea into realuty.

I am An Entrepreneur

Rs. 2000 /project
If you are an Entrepreneurand have an idea, sign up to purchae Entrepreneur Plan to submit your idea.
  • Only play if your idea is approved.

I Am An Expert

Rs. 2000 project
Every business needs an expert to be the backbone of a company.
  • Pay as you become a partner on a new project

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Rs 2000 /mo
If you are an investor and are looking to invest in a busines, then Sign up
  • Just invest we take care of everything.